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Cypha Heat

From the mid 90’s to the early millennium, he gained musical success as part of the critically acclaimed group Words of Knowledge. In 2003, he branched off into a solo career and continued to make an impact within the Florida region and beyond. In addition to the musical aspect of his ministry, Cypha Heat is also a noted speaker. He has been requested by several churches, organizations, and schools to teach the word and other inspirational messages to all ages. He has also shared the stage with many national artists which include but not limited to Corey Red & Precise, Deepspace 5, 4th Ave Jones, KJ-52, Pettidee, Mars Ill, Urban D., and gospel legend Tremaine Hawkins. After a long and unexpected hiatus from music, he returned to music in 2013 with a refueled fire and desire. During his time away from the public eye, he continued to invest significant time, energy, and resources into perfecting his craft. Equipped with a greater knowledge and experience than when he left, he is now poised and ready to pick up the microphone once again and let the world hear his truth. Although we live in a world filled with hate, greed, lust, and all manners of evil, he believes that it all takes to make a change is one man, one mic, and one God.

Cypha Heat- A consuming fire ignited by spoken word.