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This is where we present a study, quote, or thought that we believe to be profound and/or inspirational. This is designed to provoke and encourage you to not only think for yourselves, but also to consider all points of view in your quest for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Study to show yourself approved.

What Is A Christian?

Christian- One who imitates and follows after the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

1) Present yourselves as a living sacrifice. (Romans 12:1, 8:1-4)

2) Separate yourself from the world. (Romans 12: 2, 8:5-8)

a. You must sacrifice yourself, and sometimes the things you love. (St. Luke 18:18-25)

3) How to become Christ like? (Romans 12:9-21, 8: 9-18)

a. To be a true Christian you must live it 24/7, not just when you’re in church or around other Christians.

4) Don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. (Philippians 4:7-9)

5) Never be ashamed of God. (Matthew 10: 32-33)

a. Walk in confidence knowing that you can always trust in God. (Romans 1:16)

Based on the criteria written above, are you really a christian???

Let us know your thoughts or contact us for prayer.

-Written by Cypha Heat-