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About Us

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to change the general public's view of hip-hop music. So far, the culture has attracted more than it’s fair share of negative attention from the media. Many perceive the culture to be filled with nothing but negativity due to some of it’s checkered history and current trends. Some of these perceptions have been rightly made considering the major effect on today’s generations. It’s influence on fashion, art, and music as a whole has been recognized worldwide. This genre of music has become the true voice of the streets ever since it’s inception. Whatever it produces will continue to shape the views of those in this generation and the next. It is our intention to interrupt this flow and reintroduce the alternative of hip-hop filled with Christ centered content. Our music will generate a consuming fire that is designed to leave the word of God branded in the hearts of all listeners through the teaching of biblical principles. By fulfilling these goals, we hope to help provide assurance for both believers, and non believers, that hip-hop can effectively be used as a positive tool to educate, inspire, and empower.